"We need help working our way out of debt."

The Debt Management Program (DMP) is an option to help eliminate unsecured debt. It is also an alternative to bankruptcy. 

Through this program, Catholic Charities' licensed Financial Health Counselors will work with individuals to:

  • Stop late and over-limit fees
  • Reduce interest
  • Reduce payments
  • Re-age the accounts

The DMP allows a participant to make one payment to the Catholic Charities Budget Counseling Trust. A Debt Management Specialist will disburse your payment to your creditors. 

This can alleviate the stress of making multiple payments to multiple creditors. This program offers an organized way to eliminate debt within a realistic period of time (3-5 years).


This service is partially supported by program fees, and by creditors who contribute through the Fair Share Program.


What Does it Cost?

Debt Managment Program enrollment has a one-time, $25-setup fee and a $10-monthly service charge built into your monthly DMP payment. If your monthly DMP payment is less than $100 a month, this monthly service charge is 10% of your DMP payment.

Program Requirements


Participation in the DMP requires a steady income with suitable budgets. Clients with a deficit on their budgets may have to continue to work on their deficit to bring it to a manageable level before enrolling in the DMP. Suitable enrollment for the DMP can be determined on the first appointment or after a few months of budget counseling. In order to help assess the suitability of the DMP, an Infopac application form must be completed (see link below) and returned before scheduling an initial appointment. A DMP agreement form also must be completed when clients agree to enroll. 

Click the following link to download the required Financial Health Infopac form: Financial Health INFOPAC

To learn more, please contact us at (920) 272-8234 or 1-877-500-3580 (extension 8234) or charitiesgb@gbdioc.org.