"I'm pregnant."

When you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is okay to feel torn between your options. The decision you make is a decision that should be made for what you feel is best for you and your child. Both parenting and adoption are tremendously loving decisions however neither are easy. Our pregnancy support workers will assist you on exploring both adoption and parenting, and will support you in what you feel is best for your child.


When you have chosen to parent… Our pregnancy support workers will become case managers and aim to help you achieve the goals you identify for yourself and your child. We will connect you to community resources  to alleviate some of the stressors you may have.  Our workers will also work to help you learn more on the topics of parenting that you desire to learn more about.


When you have chosen adoption… Our pregnancy support workers will help you explore the decision to create an adoption plan and will help you implement your adoption plan by ensuring that all legal requirements are met, and acting as your advocate throughout the process. Our workers will help you find the prospective adoptive parents that you feel are the right fit and aid in developing a relationship, if desired, with the adoptive parents that you identify. We walk with you through every step of this process- during pregnancy, after delivery, and beyond. Our workers are available to you for as long as you so choose.


Types of adoption…Our pregnancy support workers will also work with you to identify what type of adoption you feel is best (closed, semi-open, or open). All of the prospective adoptive parents with our program are open to having some sort of (a)  relationship with expectant parents; it is up to you to decide what you feel is best for you and your child. Open adoptions are based on mutual trust and respect for all who are involved.  

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Catholic Charities of Northeastern Wisconsin has been a proud member of The National Council For Adoption since 2020.

The National Council For Adoption is the leading expert on adoption issues, providing resources, education, and advocacy for all people and organizations connected to adoption so that every child can thrive in a nurturing, permanent family.

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