"We want to welcome a child into our home."

All of the couples listed below have been approved for adoption. The couples listed are waiting to welcome a child into their home.

Additional information about any of these couples is available by contacting us at (920) 272-8234, texting us at (920) 680-2544 or sending us an email at charitiesgb@gbdioc.org.

  • rich & shannon

    We are married and live in the Green Bay area. We enjoy time spent taking our Schnoodle dog, Scruffles, on long walks, and doing all sorts of other activities with both of our extended families. We have many strong, loving relationships with others, and looking to share these relationships with a child through adoption.

    Rich works for a non-profit corporation in training and sales, while I, Shannon, work for a local financial services company as a marketing specialist. 

    We believe that we are meant to share our family’s love with a child at this time, and would like to invite you to consider a possible adoption with us. Thank you.

  • Katie & andrew

    We are a fun loving couple who try to put Christ first in our lives everyday. 

    We have been married for three years, and live north of the Green Bay area with Rose, our lovable Golden Retriever. In addition to actively participating in our local church, we enjoy spending time together, participating in all sorts of outdoor activities and hanging out with family and friends. 

    I (Katie) work as a Digital Design Specialist and Andrew works as a Trust Operations Specialist at one of our local banks.

    We feel that God has put it in our heart to adopt at this time. We have a desire to give a child a good home, and ask God to help us be great parents as we do so. In all of this, we believe that it is important to have a good, ongoing relationship with the child's birth parents. 

    Thank you for thinking of us as you consider your adoption options. 

  • Sarah & Eric

    Sarah and Eric have been married for six years and live in the Fox Valley area with their two cats whom they love dearly. Eric works for a well-known, large corporation as a customer service representative, and Sarah works in a child learning center as an infant and toddler teacher.

    Sarah and Eric both have a deep desire to adopt, and Eric is motivated in part by seeing his aunt and uncle’s beautiful example of adopting two girls.

    They are both close with their families, often all spending vacations together, as well as enjoying traveling to Michigan to visit family and friends. In addition to these family adventures, Eric likes video games, playing on the computer, paintball, and downhill skiing. Sarah loves all sorts of animals, as well as being a Pinterest type of person, teaching herself to knit and crochet while in college and enjoying cooking for family and friends.

    Eric and Sarah would be honored if you would be interested in considering their family for adoption, and look forward to the possibilities if this would be an option for you.

  • Emily & ryan

    Ryan and Emily have been married five years, live in a newly built home in the Hobart area, and are active members of St. Mark Lutheran Church in De Pere. A high value of faith and family is at the core of who this couple is and the family they are looking to build together.

    Ryan is a financial manager for an international manufacturing company, and Emily is a marketing manager for a national construction company. Both of their employers are flexible and family-friendly. 

    Education has been important to both Emily and Ryan with Ryan holding two bachelor degrees- one in Accounting and the other in Business Management; and Emily having a bachelors in Journalism, minor in Music, and a Masters in Business (MBA). By day, those business degrees get much use, and at other times, that minor in music is used often as this couple plays in their church's Praise Band - Ryan on guitar and Emily on piano. Emily also loves to teach piano lessons, reading and writing. 

    While always wanting to grow a family, Ryan and Emily are unable to conceive on their own. They want to share their growing love and connections to their family with any and every child that they welcome into their home. As they say: "We are so excited to bring a baby into this family, where he or she will be cherished by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins close in age." 

    Thank you for considering Emily & Ryan among your choices for adoptive parents!

  • Alex & Jen

    Alex and Jen met in college 11 years ago and have been married for almost 3 years. They live in Green Bay and enjoying traveling and new adventures together.

    Alex and Jen both received their first degree in Winona, MN. They both went back to school and now Jen works at Aurora BayCare and Alex is a 5th grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary.

    They both enjoy the outdoors, staying active, and Alex volunteers at Bay Beach animal Sanctuary "Critter Counter." Jen enjoys reading and getting crafty with sewing, painting, and all-around being creative.

    Caring for others has always been a large part of Jen and Alex's lives, and they believe they have a loving, safe, and stable home to offer. This is a beginning of a family that they want to see grow greater in love throughout the years. Jen and Alex thank you for considering them as possible adoptive parents for your child.

  • Katy & ricardo

    Katy and Ricardo live in the Green Bay area, have been married for nine years, and have one adopted son whom they love greatly. They are looking to grow their family again through adoption, and hope that you might be part of that reality.

    This family has cherished the friendships they have gained through their connections to their son's birth family, local adoption groups, and people they have met at adoption conferences. Adoption is a core part of who they are as a family and is part of why they are seeking to adopt again.

    In their family time together they enjoy traveling, spending time with friends, playing with their dog, and spending time with extended family with whom they are very close to.

    Katy and Ricardo want to express their deep thanks to you for considering them as a possible family for your child.

  • Chris & Jackie

    When asked about their experience of adoption, Chris and Jackie said, "We have been blessed with our son thru adoption and would love to add to our family and help him be a big brother. We have a lot more love to give and are ready to be a family of four."

    Chris works at Executive Auto Sales as a sales manager, after having attended Northwood University for automotive marketing and management, and Jackie thoroughly enjoys being a hairstylist, working at a local salon.

    Beyond this, this family wanted you to know that they live in the country where they are able to be close to those they love in a great atmosphere to raise a family.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider Chris and Jackie as being part of your journey through adoption.