"We want to buy our own home."

Whether you're a homeowner, home buyer, renter, or currently homeless, our trained and certified counselors are here to help you meet your housing needs. Our program provides:

  • Private consultation and ongoing support between you and your Housing Counselor.
  • Assessment of your situation to determine individual education. Such includes a review of your budget and credit history.
  • Information and advice about various programs available to help you acquire and maintain safe, affordable housing.

We can assist with:

  • Pre & post - home purchase counseling
  • Delinquency counseling
  • Rental counseling
  • Homeless counseling
Additionally, our Home buyer and Rental Educational workshops can provide much needed assistance.

For more information contact us at:

1-877-500-3580, ext. 8234 or (920) 272-8234, ext. 8234 • Our Green Bay location, available during business hours.

(920) 684-6651, ext. 8234 • Our Manitowoc location, available during business hours.


charitiesgb@gbdioc.org • The email address you can reach us at.