"We need help making a budget and sticking to it."

The Financial Health Program's insightful, experienced and certified counselors can help you put the pieces of your budget together.


  • Personal one-on-one counseling/coaching to help you meet your financial goals.
  • Assessment o your current financial situation.  This includes a review of your budget and credit history.
  • Information and advice about various programs available to help you achieve your goals.


Develop a working budget, navigate a financial crisis, learn to deal with collectors, obtain your credit reports, and much more.....

The Financial Health INFOPAC is linked below. Please complete and return it before scheduling an appointment. You also may obtain a copy of the INFOPAC by calling our office at 920-272-8234


Download the financial health INFOPAC here - [English] [Español]


How Much Does It Cost?

Credit/Budget Counseling Services are FREE through the generous support of your local United Way, the annual Bishop's Appeal, and other donors.

We look forward to helping you better manage your personal finances through good budgeting. Please contact us via email for more information and get on the path to stronger financial health.