"How can I get help for someone I know?"

The majority of individuals who will visit this website are themselves looking for help. 

In these situations, we hope that individuals will find straightforward information that allows them to find what they need quickly, and easily connect with a member of our Catholic Charities services team.

And even though most indivdiuals are seeking out help here for themselves - In some other cases, individuals needing help that Catholic Charities can provide will never see this site. They need help getting connected to the assistance that they need, and this is where you can be an advocate for them.

It might be a single mom you know who's barely making it by, that needs some parenting support but doesn't know where to look. 

It could be someone who's on the edge of bankruptcy, but is having trouble facing dire financial realities. 

It could be an individual who recognizes that they're struggling emotionally, but don't know how to make the first steps to seek counseling and receive the benefits that can come from professional therapy.

We encourage you to share information on this site with individual you know that might benefit from the services we provide. 

It might be the difference between someone getting help or just keeping on getting by.

Catholic Charities' services are available to all individuals, regardless of their personal or religious background or ability to pay for services. A sliding-scale fee structure for individuals who do not have insurance, and for those with financial difficulties.

If you know someone that needs help, please refer them to this site for more information or have them call 920.272.8234 during our regular office hours.