"There's nothing left. We're going to have to file for bankruptcy."

Facing financial difficulty is challenging, and considering bankruptcy as an option can be extremely stressful.

In order to qualify for bankruptcy, federal bankruptcy law requires the completion of both a Credit Counseling and a Debtor Education class. After doing so, individuals receive required certificates of completion which they can submit when filing with their district bankruptcy court. 

Catholic Charities is a United States Department of Justice approved agency for both Eastern Wisconsin and Western Michigan and can provide with you with what you need to move forward with the bankruptcy process.


Our Financial Health Program is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of personal financial management instructional courses in Credit Counseling and Debtor Education in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a provider’s services.


If you have consulted with your attorney and have decided to file for bankruptcy, you will first need to complete a Credit Counseling session, lasting about an hour, to obtain a certificate for your initial filing. You will have to present your photo identification card when taking this session. Then, to obtain the certificate for the second Debtor Education Class, which lasts three hours, you'll need to present your photo ID and your bankruptcy case number (filing number) in order to obtain a certificate for your debt to be discharged. Individuals must call our offices to register for both of these classes.

The fee for the bankruptcy sessions is based on a sliding scale and ranges from $0-$40. Your fee will be determined by a Credit Counselor and you will be notified by phone of your fee prior to your bankruptcy session. All fees must be paid by cash or money order prior to each session.


For more information or to schedule your classes, call 920-272-8234 or

1-877-500-3580 extension 8234 (Green Bay location) or 920-684-6651 (Manitowoc location) during regular business hours or send us an email at charitiesgb@gbdioc.org.