"We adopted through Catholic Charities and couldn't be happier."

The following couples are some of our most recent adoption success stories! We encourage you to take a moment to look through them and get to hear a little bit more about their experience working with Catholic Chari

  • Josh & Jessie

    successfully matched

    The past 11 years of our married life have been filled with many blessings. Oshkosh is our hometown where Jessie works at St. Raphael Catholic Church, our parish, as a religious education coordinator. Josh works in Neenah as an accountant. Our lives are full of the love of friends and family, including 11 nieces and nephews. At family get togethers Josh can be found wherever the children and fuzzy animals are. Jessie can be located in the kitchen baking everyone's favorite cookies, or doing art projects with the kids. In addition to spending time with family, we enjoy reading, exploring the outdoors, and playing board games like Yahtzee. God has provided us so many generous gifts, that we long to share them with a child. We are looking forward to working with our child's birth parents to create a loving family for a cherished little boy or girl.

  • Greg & Rachel

    Successfully matched

    Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you. As adoptive parents we know this step is not easy and we pray you find peace and comfort as you consider an adoption plan for your child. Our belief and practice is that the journey of adoption doesn’t end when a child is placed in the arms of the adoptive parents. The journey is one that never ends. It is a journey filled with joy, wonder and heartache. It’s the realization of one dream and the loss of another. The love each of us holds in our hearts will never be forgotten. 

  • Wes & Dana

    Successfully matched

    Hi, we are Wesley and Dana Schubert. We have been married for 5 years and together for 8. Dana has a 10 year old son, Gaven, that Wes met shortly after we started dating and Wes has been an amazing father to Gaven from the start. We live 20 minutes out side of Green Bay in a quiet town with lots of fun things to do within minutes of our home. As a family we love being out doors camping, four-wheeling and enjoying nature with our two dogs. Wes has been enjoying his job as a metal fabricator and welder for 10 years now but his favorite part of the day is coming home to Dana and Gaven. Dana is a stay at home mom and wife and enjoys being able to be there for all of Gaven's school activities and summer break. She is looking forward to having a new little one in the home to keep her days filled with cuddles and fun. Gaven is in fourth grade and participates in many school activities. He is looking forward to becoming a big brother and helping out. We look forward to growing our family through an open adoption and promise to raise your child in a loving, caring and trusting family.

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  • Jeremy & Lisa

    Successfully matched

    We are a loving family of three looking to grow our family through the wonderful journey of adoption. We have been married for 13 years and welcomed a beautiful daughter named Emily through adoption in January of 2013! We continue an open and respectful relationship with Emily's birthparents. We live just outside of Appleton on a large country lot. We have a beagle named Molly. Jeremy is a nurse in the emergency department at a local hospital who enjoys hunting, fishing, baseball games and reading. Lisa is an elementary school music teacher who enjoys playing piano, singing, watching movies and spending time with family. Thank you for considering us as possible parents for your child. Please check out our Facebook page at: Lisa & Jeremy are looking to adopt.  

  • ryan & Jenna

    Successfully Matched

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  • scott & Stephanie

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