Corrections Ministries

Corrections Ministry provides a Catholic pastoral presence to men and women incarcerated in both adult and juvenile facilities and their families - To victims of crime, their families, as well as to those who work within the Correctional system and their family members. 

The impact of crime does not affect just an individual but an entire community. When a crime is committed, are all affected. And, just the same, when one individual finds reconciliation, a community can be healed and made stronger because of it.

As Christians, it is our call to model our actions on Jesus and:

"Invite each person, victim, and wrongdoer to restore their belief in a human family that is larger than they are but incomplete without them" - from "Public Safety, the Common Good, and the Church: A Statement on Crime and Punishment in Wisconsin" by Wisconsin's Catholic Bishops.


  • Coordinate the work of the Green Bay Diocese in Jail and Prison Ministry
  • Provide spiritual and temporal services for prisoners, their families, and others connected to the criminal justice system
  • Increase understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the Restorative Justice Model
  • Provide prayerful support to those who work within the Correctional system and their family members
  • Educate parishes regarding the situation of prisoners and their families, as well as the victims of crime and their families
  • Promote the Catholic Church’s teaching and policy positions relating to the criminal justice system

If you have any questions or further needs connected to Correctional Ministries within the Diocese of Green Bay, please contact Mary Armbrust, Pastoral Care and Ministry Coordinator, at (920) 272-8300.