Parish Nurses

Parish nursing is a fast-growing dimension of Catholic health ministry. As a registered nurse and member of the ministerial team, the parish nurse is a visible symbol of the parish’s healing and health ministry.

Parish nurses recruit, train, and support volunteers to enhance parish well-being as stewards of parishioners’ health. Parish nurses provide a Catholic approach to health and wellness in their faith community by attending to the needs of the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.

As members of the parish team they link the needs of individual parishioners, the parish community, and the community's healthcare delivery systems.

The parish nurse is a resource person who offers physical, emotional, and spiritual support by:

  • Promoting wellness through health screenings and health education
  • Assessing parish health needs and coordinating service delivery through the Health and Wellness Committee
  • Assessing individual health needs by visiting homes, hospitals, and nursing homes
  • Assuming a liaison position as a health resource and referral connection for parish members and community resources and services

Contact Mary Armbrust at (920) 272-8300 for more information.


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